Welcome to Sex Gods!

This video game, is about the story of an ordinary guy (Rex) who fortunately destiny establishes connection with a sex god (Guapoman) and with the help of a little slutty (Cloy) will gradually become a god of sex.

Prove to Guapoman that you are worthy to be a sex god by corrupting girls, creating new sexual monsters and all this while you take care of your girlfriend!

Censorship: No
Public Version: 0.17
Patreon Version: 0.18
OS: Windows, Android (min 4.1), Web GL
Language: English, Spanish, French
Genre: Hentai adventure game

A few notes:

  • The public version is released when a new patreon version is available, this means that the amount of content added in this version doesn't depend on the amount of time it took to be released.
  • The game is currently under creation so you will see upcoming releases, you also can find a bug or two, but don't worry... if you told me what bug you find, I can fix it for the next release.
  • If you are a great Spanish, English or French speaker and you find grammatical errors you can tell me where is the error and why is a error, if you are right I will fix that error in the next release.
  • This version is the public release and isn't the newest, the last version is only available for patrons and you can be a patron by clicking here!

If you are a 'Patreon', you will have:

  • Access to the Patreon Release (latest version), just when it's released!
  • Access to 'patreon only' content, like pictures with sexual content and our Discord server.
  • My infinite gratitude.

If you don't are a 'Patreon', you will have:

  • Access to the Public Release (penultimate version) of my games, released when I release a new patrons version.

This game have two versions:

  • Cheats version: Patron of $10 or more.
  • Normal version: Patron of $5 or less and public versions.

What cheat codes this game have?

  • Sex 100% (the white bar that you fill with the TV mini-game).
  • Energy of Rex 100%.
  • Easier DNA game (your ball is invulnerable to hits)
  • 1,000 monster experience points after finish a scene.
  • Fill all your sexual energy bottles.
  • Auto complete DNA game with 50 DNA.
  • Enchantments at max level


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SexGods V 0.17 - Windows x64.rar 128 MB
SexGods V 0.17 - Windows x86.rar 126 MB
SexGods V 0.17 - Android.apk 128 MB

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how can i talk to the woman in the bathroom?  and how do i make the cow?

You need to have the bull monster in your team to be able to talk with her. When you do the scene with the same girl using your bull, you will turn her into a cow.

Im really into this game 😄, btw anyclue where to find the toilrt paper??

Thanks, I'm glad you liked!

Hahaha, you should find it in the park (at any hour), but maybe isn't a toilet paper...

Is there more scene gonna release soon?

The upcoming version 0.18 will have a new scene between Rin and Rex, but that version will be released when the version 0.19 is ready

Am I still gonna get another male character not just only one?

What do you mean?

One code is 'cheats' or? Or 'cheat' 

(1 edit)

It's cheat code, remember that in English you have words with more than one meaning.

Can u make Gay characters please? 

Yes, but I need to find the moment to make it, just right now I need to finish a few things.

Hola de nuevo, ¿alguien ha probado a entras en el menú de "a coger!" Sin tener combinación y con los menús desplegados? Al parecer he de ser el único idiota que se deja los menús abiertos porque en este menú se solapa con la "x" para salir y no deja interactuar

No entendí muy bien a lo que te refieres, pero yo al presionar ese botón sin haber elegido una combinación antes, no pasa nada

Me refiero de este modo, si tengo esto así abierto (en la versión de Android) no me deja cerrar ninguno


Ya te entendí!!!

Jajaja, no me había fijado en ese detalle, ahora mismo lo corrijo para que en la versión 0.18 ya no exista ese problema!

Muchas gracias por el aviso!

Tego ganas de conocer que transformaciones abra en las próximas actualizaciones pero por ahora dejo 2 preguntas 1¿Guapoman, es más sencillo para ti que ablemos en español o en inglés? 2 ¿Soy el único que se le queda pillado el toro con las chicas del parque? no del baño, las del parque (¿será por usar la versión de Android?)

Hola amigo, para mi es más sencillo en español, porque es mi idioma natal.

Y sobre la segunda pregunta, estás en lo correcto, ese es un bug que tiene esta versión (tanto en la de Windows como en la de Android), pero queda resuelto en la siguiente versión 0.17. 

También hay otro error a la hora de que interactuas con la chica del parque usando personajes que no tienen escenas con ella, pero ese bug lo verás en la versión 0.16.5.

Esos dos errores no los había notado sino hasta que estaba creando la version 0.17, y las otras dos versiones ya estaban liberadas, por eso el que no estén corregidas.

De todas formas muchas gracias por hacermelo saber, en cualcuier caso que encuentres otro error, no dudes en notificarmelo, podría ser un error que aún no he visto.

Y sobre las transformaciones que habrá en las próximas actualizaciones... es un secreto! 

This is pretty hot. Do you have an eta on when v0.16 will be released free?

Thanks my friend, I don't know what 'eta' means, but the version 0.16 is already  released on my Patreon page and it will be released the next month for free, when I release the version 0.17 in my Patreon page.

Hell yeah, this game is awesome


Thank you my friend!! B)

This is a really great game. Can't wait to see more.

Thank you so much for your comment, I really appreciate it! :D


Gay routes? Pls. Or Gay Version? Pls. 


The game doesn't have gay (male on male) content, but it will arrive in a future version. 

I can't tell you when, because I have other things to do before of that, but you can be sure that the game will have some gay content.

Hola guapoman tengo una duda sobre las dos opciónes de Rin y cloy, va a influir en la historia cada opción?

Hola! En realidad sí, pero lo más probable es que este tipo de diferencia no lo veas en un buen tiempo ya que el juego está en desarrollo y aún tengo que decidir qué tipo de cambios voy a implementar debido a esas decisiones, lo que puedes saber es que sí. El juego guarda la decisión que has tomado y eso va a influir en el futuro.

si va a influir entonces se pondrá más bueno el juego, bueno solo queda esperar suerte con tu proyecto y gracias por responder.  

(agraga más ntr xD) 

Guapoman me gusto mucho la nueva escena de rin, me muero de ganas de ver como se sigue corrompiendo. 

Por cierto un gran punto para este juego es que este en español xD

Muchas gracias por compartir tu opinión conmigo, me da gusto que te haya gustado esta nueva escena! Y por supuesto que seguirás viendo más de su pervertimiento ;)


Is there male/male content?

No at this moment

Hello, I wanted to ask a question for you you wanted to know how I got the three items to see that monsters have sex and I also got to find other monsters that I could not get


Hi there, in this version you only have three kind of monsters: Cloy (the fox lady), the male bear and the female bear.

About the three items:

  • In your bedroom, in the same furniture that your book.
  • On a park bench at night.
  • In a 'trash can' in the park.

Good game, although its kind of annoying that you can't do talk to Cloy or go into the mirror after getting the text message that essentially ends the game. At least make it so you can still do things afterwards


Thanks, it will be able in the version 0.12.8


hey, are you planning to add male/male content?

they did a poll on their patreon asking that and an overwhelming amount clicked "No" to that so i doubt it lol

That's true, only 20% like that kind of content and the other 80% doesn't.

So there are a possibility to add that kind of content, but isn't in my main goals.

Really like this game, but only until i play the  DNA mini game, it sooooooo hard. The best i can do is 20, is there a cheat code or another way to get past this mini game??? 

Hi there, you already set the difficulty on 'EASY' before start the game? Also if you play the web version or PC version I suggest you to use the keyboard, the mouse or touch is better on Android version. 

In the upcoming release (0.6) you will be hable to choose the Android gameplay mode, which is a lot easier than the Web/PC gameplay mode.

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Not bad, though I found the centipede minigame more annoying than any kind of 'fun.' Though, that may be just me sucking at that particular game lol. It's an interesting game, so far! I liked the rescue option particularly. Looking forward to more!

Thanks man, actually so many people were having problems with that game, what I'm going to do is a easier difficulty for the next release! ;)